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      With the World Expo held in Shanghai - Pearl of the Orient this bright, not only Chinas most important science and technology, trade, finance and information center, but will also stand as a global cultural atmosphere, and symbol of economic prosperity, international metropolis.
SHOW TIME2017.09.21-23
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Schedule and venue
Exhibition time: Expo time from December 02 to 04, 2019
Contents of the exhibition:
Die Castings of Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Copper Alloys
Die-casting parts for automobiles: distributor assembly, sprocket chamber, transmission assembly, transmission box, clutch shell, wheel tube, sleeve, pump body, oil pump shell, distributor, gear box shell assembly, gear chamber cover, cover, transmission case, brake pad, belt wheel chamber, radiator, oil pan, cylinder head, cylinder block, intake manifold, cover, suspension control arm, gravity steering knuckle, intake manifold Air nozzle, supercharger intake pipe, compressor outlet pipe, generator bracket, aluminium bracket, generator air conditioning compressor bracket, gear cover, etc.
Die Casting for Motorcycle: Crankcase Body, Crankcase Body, Clutch Cover, Lampshade, Crankcase Front Cover, Transition Box Body, Power Cover, Motor Cover, Motion Parts, Engine Box, etc.
Die-casting products of various kinds of lamps, communications, gardens, medical treatment, valves, household appliances, instruments, computers, motors, etc.
Design and Manufacture Technology of Die Casting Die, Alloy Ingot and Composite Materials of Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Copper
Die casting materials: aluminium alloy ingots, die casting release agents, solvents, modifiers, lubricants, release agents, padding agents, plunger oil, punch lubricating particles, die paste, anti-sticking wax, slag remover, refining agents, etc.
New Die Casting Technologies: Oxygen Filling, Vacuum, CAD/CAE/CAM Technology Exhibition Costs:
Domestic area: open space (36m2 rental): 1280 RMB/m2 (double opening increased by 10%)
Standard booth: 18 square meters = 25600, two tables, four chairs, four fluorescent lamps, lintels, carpets, basket
International Zone: Open space: USD 440/(27 minimum rent) (double opening increased by 10%)
Standard booth: 9_USD 4000/18_USD 8000/
3. Conference fee: RMB 300 per person (including exhibition service drinks, souvenirs, exhibitors'magazines, visitors' business card catalogue set, etc.)
Exhibition Advertising Projects
The journals of this conference are printed in hardcover with imported copperplate paper and distributed to visitors during the conference. Enterprises are welcome to publish advertisements and other forms of publicity. The rates are as follows: (RMB)
Cover: 25,000 yuan, cover: 15,000 yuan, cover two, three: 12,000 yuan
Color Page: 8000 Yuan Black and White Advertising: 5000 Yuan Ticket Advertising: 10000 yuan/20000 pieces
Visitor's card advertisements: 10,000 yuan/2,000 balloon advertisements: 12,000 yuan gift bags: 10,000 yuan/1,000
Exhibition procedures:
1. Exhibitors fill in the contract receipt and fax it to the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly after stamping the official seal.
2. The exhibition fee should be remitted to the Organizing Committee account within 3 days after the receipt of the contract is sent, otherwise the booth will not be reserved.
3. Exhibitors should fax copies of bank remittance receipts to the organizing committee after remitting all fees.
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