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About Us    
    Aoya Exhibition Co., Ltd., engaged in the exhibition industry for many years and has an experienced, high-efficiency efforts exhibition team. Several key leaders have the experience of hosting international metal show for ten years, the metal industry has a deep knowledge and understanding. And co to see the Chinese exhibition industry, metal glorious historical process;
Decade of our clients around the world in 26 countries and regions, with more than 300 media, industry collaboration; the establishment of 50 thousand companies large and specialized database of tour operators in the metals industry, the industry throughout: metallurgy steel, architectural decoration, petrochemical , energy, environment, automobile shipping, machinery and household appliances, electrical food, medical utensils, paper and furniture, hardware, environmental protection, hardware, lighting, packaging bags, glasses, tools, toys, transportation instruments, office supplies, general machinery parts, gifts crafts, etc. for the success of the exhibition lay a solid foundation and security;
Details of the casting out of character, human construction home. Aoya's uphold the "professional focus, intention" of the enterprise spirit of careful cultivation, in the industry have been a number of clients inside and outside the licensing and recognition; Aoya who is deeply aware that as an exhibition organizer, we must know how to cherish every opportunity to , there must be pairs of exhibitors and visitors a deeper understanding and respect, and honesty as the foundation and reputation for basic, this can create a high-quality, professional, sustained and stable trading platform for exhibition;
    Looking ahead, the Aoya will continue to uphold the integrity of the exhibition company, pragmatic, robust style, adhere to the "well-known brands to create fair, sustainable development, the return of society" business philosophy, constantly absorb and train high quality professionals, and effective collection of social resources, always concerned about customer needs, and constantly improve themselves, beyond the past, toward the international exhibition company direction!
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